Vikao 1.2

2-click transfer of all your documents to your “pocket”

Vikao for Palm enables the transfer of any image or text-based information from your PC to your Palm. With this free and useful application, you can copy/paste information from any Windows application to Palm OS.

While working, simply select the information you want to export to your Palm OS-based PDA. Vikao for Palm OS will automatically transfer the selected data during the next HotSync. View your Word files, PDF files, maps, Autocad files, databases, graphics, pictures, screen copies, web pages, etc. on your PDA. No manual conversion required.

Vikao for Palm is comprised of two applications:

  • A windows application (1 MB) that uses the clipboard to process and convert the data. The data can then be previewed before transfer.
  • A “universal viewer” Palm OS application (925KB) that displays the data regardless of its original format.